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Computer Repair

If your computer isn't functioning properly, we'll figure out what's causing the problem. The problem may be software or hardware related. If it's hardware related, we can replace the hardware. Visit the Fees for Services link to find out more about the labor cost for replacing hardware. If it's software related, we recommend a complete, fresh install. There is a big advantage to reinstalling your system. After reinstalling your system, we can make an exact copy (Image) of your system and store it on CD's. That way, when you have problems in the future, you can simply restore the Image of your system in a matter of minutes from the CD's we've created. Check-out Disk Imaging to learn more about creating an Image of your system and how that can save you time, money, and grief. The Software Corruption link explains why Windows's performance degrades over a period of time.

It's also possible for us to do diagnostic work on your computer over the Internet. This can save you time and money because we might be able to fix your problem over the Internet. Visit the Remote Administration link to learn more about having your computer examined by us over the Internet.

Upgrading Your Computer

If you're thinking of buying a new computer, you might want to think about upgrading your present computer. There are advantages and disadvantages to upgrading.

The main advantage to upgrading your computer is that it can be less expensive than buying a new computer. By installing a new motherboard, cpu, and ram, you'll have a computer that may satisfy your needs for less money than buying a new computer.

The major disadvantage of upgrading your computer is that you'll still have the same operating system you had before the upgrade, unless you also buy a new operating system. If you want to move up to Windows XP, you might be able to buy a new computer for about the same price as upgrading your computer and buying the new Windows XP operating system.