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Disk Imaging

Disk imaging programs allow you to make an exact copy of your hard drive with all the programs, data, and configuration settings installed on your computer. The program I like to use to create an image of your computer is Norton's Ghost. With minimal effort, you can create a backup of your computer. When problems occur, such as a hard drive failure, software corruption, or a malicious virus attacks your computer, you can restore your entire system in a matter of minutes. We create an image of your hard drive and you store it in a safe place. You make backups of your data as often as is necessary. When your system goes down, you can simply restore the image and your data, and you're back up and running.

Having a backup image of your computer is a great tool not only for businesses, but for the home user, also. By creating an image of your computer, this allows the home user the ability to fix software problems without the help of a professional. Norton System Works includes Ghost, antivirus software, and other helpful utilities for a very reasonable cost. It's worth the cost if you just use their antivirus software. After creating an image of your computer, we can create a boot disk for you that automatically runs Ghost and restores the image on your computer. All you have to do is put in the boot floppy, put in the CD we've created, reboot, and wait for the program to finish. All of your software problems will be corrected and you won't have to call someone to fix your computer.