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Disaster recovery is the process of restoring a network or an individual's computer, with all it's associated data and programs, after the computer has been rendered useless. This can happen in several ways. After the bombing of the World Trade Center on 9/11, all of the computers in the buildings were destroyed. Despite this, the stock market was up and running in only a few days. They had a great disaster recovery plan. Your computer can be rendered useless by less destructive means. I know of a lawyer who's office was vandalized, and his computer stolen. That resulted in the loss of all data on the computer. A hard drive that quits working will have the same effect, and so can a malicious virus. How can you prepare yourself for such a problem? First of all, you must have all of your data backed up and copies of all your software readily available to reconstruct a new computer. Are you prepared for this?

The easiest way to prepare for such a loss is to have an image of your computer created and to continually back up all of your data. The image of your computer will allow you to reconstruct your computer with all of it's associated programs from one source - the image file. After restoring the image, all you have to do is copy the data you've backed up on to the computer. We can make an image of your computer and create a data backup plan for you. That way, if something happens to your computer, you can quickly restore the image and all of your data, and be up and running in no time. Click on the Disk Imaging link for information about creating an image of your computer. If going without your computer for several days, or loss of data can not be tolerated, give us a call and get a disaster recovery plan enacted.