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Software Corruption

Software, especially your operating system, can become corrupted over time and result in decreased performance of your computer. Your operating system is not a static system, it's dynamic and constantly changing. Unfortunately, some of the changes to your operating system aren't beneficial.

The decreased performance of your system occurs slowly over time. Little by little, your performance decreases, until you begin to notice your computer isn't performing like it did when you bought it.

This type of problem - software corruption, can be fixed with a clean install of your operating system and all the programs associated with your system. Since most people don't know how to reinstall their operating system, they do nothing about it. Some companies, like Gateway, provide you with a "restoration disk". This CD reinstalls your operating system, configures all the devices that came with your computer, and gets rid of the corruption that has accumulated over time. There's only one problem with this solution - it doesn't restore the devices or programs you have added to your system since it's purchase, such as your Internet connection. If you've added a new device to your computer, such as a scanner, it will need to be configured. More importantly, all of the data you've accumulated, such as addresses in your address book, will also be lost.

Reinstalling your operating system and associated programs and devices can take hours to perform and requires a level of skill most people don't possess. That's why we recommend using a disk imaging program like Norton's Ghost. Ghost will give you the ability to fix the software problems that occur over time, while preserving the changes you've made to your computer since purchasing it. For example, suppose your computer is essentially rendered useless by a virus. By restoring the image of your computer, the virus will be eliminated and your computer will perform properly again without having to call a professional to fix it for you.

We will come to your home or business and make an image of your computer for you. We'll also create a boot disk that runs Ghost automatically - all you have to do is put in the boot disk, put in the CD we've created, reboot the computer, and wait about 15 minutes for the image to be copied over to your computer. You now have a system identical to the one when we created the image. If you've accumulated new data that is important to you, we can come over and copy that data for you, or show you how to do it. Instead of taking hours to fix your computer, it will only take minutes. See the link Disk Imaging for more information on how this works.